Radical Movement Factory Updated May 26, 2021

Policies and Procedures for COVID

Below are the updates that we have made to our facility, policies and procedures to keep you and/or your child safer while training with us:

-Frequent disinfecting of surfaces
-Switching out fabrics daily for cleaning/quarantining
-Wiping down and spraying of equipment between classes (when applicable)
-Air circulation fans between classes
-Leave all outdoor shoes outside in cubbies
-Paused community water service–Bring a full water bottle!
-Students will share equipment with maximum of one other participant during each class

We ask that you do the following while you are at RMF:

-Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after you sneeze or cough into your elbow. Hand sanitize if needed as well.
-Refrain from touching your face.
-Maintain a minimum of 6’ social distance from fellow students and staff
-Wear a mask when it’s not possible to be 6’ apart
-Do not enter the Wrigley Building if sick, even if having mild symptoms.
-Wear a mask when entering and leaving any shared common areas (e.g. Lobby, halls, stairwells, loading docks, bathrooms, etc. ). When leaving private areas like individual offices, studios or labs, a mask should be worn.

Refund Policy Due to COVID: We do not guarantee refunds for any cancellations for any reasons.