*** All new students start in level 1 classes. ***

*** Studio approval required to enroll in Level 2+. Email for approval.  ***  

Most Classes Cost $120 Per Month


Drop-ins are available for adult level 2 and above classes with advance registration. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a drop-in.  Drop in rate is $37 per 75 min class.  Conditioning and flexibility class drop-ins are $30 per 75 min class. Drop-ins are not available for level 1 intro classes nor are they for youth participants.


If you reserve your spot in a session and later need to cancel, 24 hours notice is required for cancellations to be considered “Early Cancel” and for the session to be credited back to your Account.  

Cancellations made during the 24-hour window are considered “Late Cancel” and will be debited from your Account unless another participant can fill your space. 

Due to small class sizes, cancellations from camps and workshops require a 30 day advance notice for full refund.  50% studio credit is offered if notice is given within 14 days of camp start date.


If a class is cancelled due to a holiday or instructor illness, that class will be refunded back to the credit card used when enrolling. Makeups will not be given in youth classes.  For more info on Make-ups please visit our FAQ page.  

Private and Small Group Sessions

Set up Private or Semi-Private Lessons (2 people) with an instructor directly or by emailing us. For rate information, please contact us at  info@radicalmovementfactory.com.

Level 1

60 mins.

Level 2/3+

75 mins.

Aerial Conditioning

75 mins.

Worldanz (9-Teen)

60 mins.

Open Gym

***Participants must be current level 2 and above students and approved in advance.  Email info@radicalmovementfactory.com to request approval.***

Teen Level 3+ Aerial

***Level 3 youth students are required to enroll in 2 aerial classes per week minimum.***